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George is the Shingo Research Award winning contributor, and publisher of the book, Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels. His insight as an entrepreneur over the past 30 years and Lean Coach over the past 20 years will astound. Don’t miss his talks!

Executive Coaching

George believes in simple-to-teach, and learn concepts that are proven in real life. His currency is in motivating people, and his craft is in implementing Lean Thinking systems.


Keynote Speaking

With over 20 years of implementing Lean Thinking systems for clients globally, George is a key resource to sustain operational excellence in any company, organization, or government body.


Online Learning

Having had over 100,000 students, from 60 countries take his online courses, George has become an expert on capturing one’s interest in an online setting.

3 great reasons

to choose George

He is a descendant of Socrates!

Above all, George likes to have FUN! Lots of fun.  Born in Athens, Greece himself, he prefers Santorini island where his mother was born. Don’t forget to join his executive coaching classes on this beautiful island. Santorini is believed to be the sunken city of Atlantis (this is true), so in some ways George should be known as the “Man from Atlantis” rather than a descendant of Socrates.  Oh well, he missed out on this marketing opportunity.

He is known as the Lean Guru!

George led many Lean Implementations in many different industries. He founded a company that achieved the Profit HOT 50 – 1 of only 2 consulting firms to be on Canada’s Hottest Growth Companies. With 20 + years of experience and deep dive tours to Japan, he is one of the most sought after Lean consultants (coaches) in the world.

He is one of the most likeable people you will ever meet.

George was put to slave labor as a child where he worked in his father’s restaurant at the tender age of 9 years. He made 2 Canadian dollars per day. He finally worked his way to owning a restaurant at 18 years old, and decided to retire! Ever since completing his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1992 he has been living the dream. He claims he would work for free!  Yeah right… That’s what they all say when they love their job.

George travels the world working for nice people. Are you a nice person?

Online Courses

The easiest way to get George’s time is to register for one of his online courses at the Lean Leadership Institute, the company he founded in 2014

executive coaching

As you may know by now George also has a FUN face that he puts on every day. But the fun ends with deep conversation geared towards your improvement. No kidding…

Keynote Speaking

George will research the topics that your audience is most passionate about. Tell you how it originated from Greece, and make you laugh!

online coaching

George shared his dream on YouTube in 2011. It was to travel the world consulting over the internet. He now does that 50% of his time. Be part of the learning!


  • "George Trachilis' name is well known at Fluor from his first online course, OEM Principles of Lean Thinking, and for our organization of over 40,000 people world wide, this is no small accomplishment. The world is global, and George Trachilis is showing a leadership that spans the world with his online course, and personal support as our students go through it."

    Rob Keone FLUOR, Global Knowledge Manager Engineering Management, Control Systems and Electrical
  • "Look up all the positive adjectives and superlatives in the English language and each one will describe George! I had the pleasure of hiring George to run a Lean Thinking training in Dubai last year.  I am going to paraphrase one of the participants at the training because I think he said it best: I didn't want to come to this training but my company insisted I attend. I left a convert!"

    Mac Ambrose Brand Manager at Mercatus, Malaysia
  • "George is a master of using video conferencing to create a perfect coaching environment. This gives you the next best thing to having him fully present as your coach. He is virtually always accessible, and is able to give you great advice on how to handle the business, even in really thorny situations."

    Daniel Nemethy Director, KBC Bank, Belgium & Hungary

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