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Global Lean Leaders Whatsapp group usage policy

We are ALL very busy. Do not abuse this group. This group is a pull-type environment, please ask questions only.

This group is for NORTH AMERICA only. Only (+1) country code phone numbers will be accepted. The purpose of this group is provide continuous learning as it relates to the topic of Lean and applying the 5 principles of Lean to construction.

The objective is to share your insight, materials, methods, and tools with others that ASK. If  there is no question posted, DO NOT SHARE your thoughts. We all have something to learn, and we all have something to teach, but it starts with curiosity in the form of a question.

  1. Respect the purpose and objective of this group. Do not send content of a personal nature.
  2. Don’t  send videos, pictures and news, unless someone asks for it.
  3. Never send content, information or “news” that HASN’T been verified.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable in a group for any reason, feel free to leave or “mute” the notifications.
  5. Before sending a complaint to a group, contact George Trachilis at 204-880-6363 and share your concerns.
  6. Don’t get angry if someone doesn’t respond to your messages in a group. No one is obliged to do so. 
  7. Before sending a video, picture, or any content… STOP.  This is a PULL environment, people will ask if they need something. 
  8. DO NOT send any content that is violent or pornographic. 
  9. When replying to a specific comment from a person, use the “reply” function.
  10. When noticing that you’re having a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider changing the conversation to direct message. ,
  11. Use short sentences that are clear.
  12. Don’t use emojis. 
  13. Avoid sending videos or files that are very large.